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Opt for AR technology to help your company advance in innovation

We can have the best talents in the world, but without sharing it to everyone in needed, we are this kind of LED without animation. It is so sad because we have many platforms to change everything.

How to bring innovation to your society?

It is not easy to get the attention of everybody. No need to be the best guy in the society, just proves that you take care of this society, and all the other person who worked there. Each personal has his competence and we can explore every knowledge to progress this society. We cannot have passion of technology, but we want to help also every one to his problem. Just choose the best partner, and work with innovation, let’s talk about Augmented Reality technology.

But what is Augmented Reality?

In simple definition, ar technology helps you to be inside your vision. You have to wear a glass, and the system inside brings you a picture 3D, this image than you can play to give some others reality. It is funny in a game, but more useful on society.

Let’s take an example; you are in your hair maker, and you want to adopt a new look. By wearing this headset, you can have different image of your head in a sort of look, you can play on your picture and have your own look, that the hair maker has just to follow. There is no surprise because all is already programed on this glass. So yes, it is also a gadget innovation different of our Smart Glass. AMA is a creator of a glass connected special virtual reality. When they did the first experience, they choose a hospital to test it. It is successful because as far as the doctor is, he can examine the patient and give his suggestion by visioning the image.

There is more than this, and may be on five years, you will create a zombie on your daily room, why not it is your reality.