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Finding out more about Schneider products to buy online

Since its creation, the French group Schneider Electric has been able to evolve and implement innovative solutions in order to constantly meet the needs of its customers. His daily commitment: optimizing your energy. Present in more than 100 countries, the Schneider Electric brand is the world leader in electrical distribution and automation in the building, industrial, infrastructure and residential sectors. The integrated role-based monitoring of the physical access and intrusion detection solution which unites the building's security infrastructure and building management systems.

Schneider products covers all your electrical needs

Thanks to its circuit breakers, lighting controls, or its complete range of sockets and switches such as Duoline or Odace, Schneider Electric offers complete solutions to cover all your needs in power distribution, as well as in network automation. As a specialist in energy transfer solutions, Schneider Electric has built its expertise by integrating technologies that allow the routing, transformation and securing of electrical energy, from the point of production to the point of consumption.

Making energy available world wide

Schneider Electric also aims to make energy available worldwide, to meet customer needs in terms of automation and digital revolutions, as well as to innovate at all levels, through significant investments in research and development. Thanks to a diversified range in low, medium and high voltage, the know-how of this international brand is found in each of its products such as fixing accessories, differential blocks, push buttons, connection kits, contactors, or the timers. This brand with strong values ​​places sustainable development at the heart of its strategy and puts this commitment at the service of its customers, offering them simple and concrete solutions.

A partner of choice

A partner of choice for, we share this desire to provide our users with quality, innovative products and services that respect our ecological commitments and the environmental issues in which we operate on a daily basis. Discover and make your choice on our site among more than 200 Schneider Electric references, and master in the art of optimizing your energy.